Sport is a key factor in maintaining weight

        In the case of the inability of the elderly to exercise for the existence of reason related to health, or the inability to move or knee problems can be used in ways that treat obesity topical at the doctor one common means Kalocap infrared or wax or muscle stimulation through specialized hardware or massage where the check these methods are the equivalent of walking for 5 or 6 kilometers. 

The sport is an essential factor to maintain weight and get fit, so experts advise of exercise at least 30 minutes a day for five days a week, but if you suffer from excess weight you are you need to 250 minutes at least weekly, and is equal to 50 minutes of aerobic exercise a day for five days a week. 
This was confirmed by the latest reports of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), where it turns out that exercise is the most effective way to lose a certain number of kilograms of body weight. 
The Joseph Donnelly Committee Chairman Blog: "The pattern of the food that per capita intake, and lack of activity and movement at the same time, two of the health problems important facing human health, and these two are two primary is supposed to submit an explanation and clarification of the role played by physical activity toward the body and its relationship with food ». 
Donnelly added: "Today, after that we have available modern information about the importance of physical activity, we can continue in the educational steps to help people who want to get rid of excess weight have strongly."